Influence of music

Music keeps more and more people in more remote places.

The headphones are set according to that of a music player. Even in department stores, music is used to invite the buyer to extend the visit for a few minutes and to buy more. In public toilets it also you can listen to music.

The effect of music on people

To understand this issue, I must first make a small, but not too deep trip into the biology of humans as well as in physics. How the music comes to our ears. It comes to one wave, which resonates with the aid of a medium in the propagation direction (e.g., the noise). The man himself can perceive only the sound in the range of 16 to 10,000 Hz. Anything below or above these limits is not more noticeable to humans. About the ear, the sound reaches the regions of the brain that process the sounds, thus making us the only sounds audible.

There are two different types of listening:

• Unconscious processing (constantly, even during sleep)
• Conscious perception (only in the waking state)

Because the auditory pathway is directly connected to the limbic system (including processed emotions), connected music influenced the psyche and behaviour of the people.

Influence of music on the mind

Here, a distinction is usually between soothing and stimulating music. There are special features, but only the feeling ultimately decides what the effect of this music is. The soothing music relaxes and soothes the people, the inspiring music leads to a state of intoxication.Many factors contribute to influence the people such as the environment of the listener, the physical and mental condition of the listener, the attention that is given to the music.These and many other factors will be studied scientifically.

Thus, advertising and many other spectra has a basis on which they can build.The emotional feeling of the people is in some ways manipulated when they hear music. However, this practice is ethically questionable. When customers realize that they were deceived by such trick, so for them the question arises as to whether they continue to shop there. However, since this is very common, there are few alternatives.

Even the advertisements on television, radio or internet is always accompanied by music. Depending on the product, canvassed different genres are used. To analyze this would lead us too far. Finally, we would like to say that the criticism against such a practice might not be loud enough.

Use the influence of music

Music plays an important role in every culture. For thousands of years, there are melodies that benefit the community and make celebrations a memorable experience. However, music can also be more. Whoever hears his favourite song, which is felt as much music can influence our emotions?

The huge influence of music is particularly evident in the nightlife. Million people around the world rush to the clubs every weekend to enjoy a great evening. Many spend hours to get the perfect outfit to choose or to style the hair properly.

Even when approaching the discotheque and the sound of the first bass and rhythms, the anticipation is rising in many high already. Sure this feeling is also due to meet again the friends, meet new people, or the influence of alcohol, but also music plays a very important role.

To see this, one has to imagine just how a boring one night would run without music. Therefore, music stimulates a large extent our emotions. Nevertheless, how can we use this knowledge concrete for life?

Practical ways for the use of music

Who, for example, before an upcoming presentation listening to his favourite music and emotionally admits it is positivity and energy radiate and infect his audience with this sentiment.

Before you get to know new people, such as at a date, you can yourself with music “in the mood” to bring. This just hear some songs, which fit the specific event. Therefore, for a night party you need louder, high-energy music for other – maybe more something quiet.

It should be noted that each course has its own associations with a song and music thus is very individual. They must adapt to the needs and adjust the taste of the listener. Of the effect of music can benefit very well. Even if one plays his favourite song only internally, it affects your mood.

Your personal playlist

Well, now’s your task – take various music lists for different events. You can help to get the right occasion in the right mood at any time.

Music makes everything better

Why music works so well against stress?

You know that too. If it is stress, it irritated you and you barely hear his favourite pieces. However, later, your mood is rises again. Music makes everything better. Why is that? In addition, how can you use this fact specifically for you?

In every culture of the world, music plays an important role. It seems as something that connects everything. Although you do not need music to survive. Nevertheless, it is always especially important for emotional, religious or ceremonial events. In this respect, the music seems really to be something very special.

Music is in the reward system of the body and it can make that the stress go away.

The researchers have recently confirmed this. In the journal “Nature Neuroscience” ValorieSalimpoor reported for physical changes that are triggered by music.

In a computed tomography of the brain, activities were recorded. In addition, they measured skin resistance, respiratory rate and ECG. The result was impressive. It was found that music that you like is the happiness hormone release dopamine in the brain. That is, one feels when listening well, relaxed and without stress. However, music was given, the more you indifferent faced, nothing happened in the brain.

How can you use these results to your stress?

Dopamine in the body is an important motivator for learning new behaviours. With higher levels of this hormone will also fall angst-ridden situations of stress easier.

For example, if fear of the dentist, then take a gadget with your favourite music. The dopamine will improve your mood and reduce your anxiety. If you have less stress and less cramped, and your pain is less. (Stress at the dentist.)

If you suffer from stress at work, there is a way, during the lunch break to activate the reward system in the body through music. Your mood will increase and your stress will decrease. Just try it once.